Hello, I’m Durga Mai Bradley – a visual  artist

My work is inspired by an eclectic mix of images that I see and images that I imagine: flowers, plants, trees, animals, wallpaper, theatre sets, Madrid balconies, intense summer light, Japanese woodprints, art nouveau …
I unite and mutate these images to create my own scenes, my own invented worlds, which reflect not only an interpretation of what I see but also of what I don’t see and what I would like to see.
Colour, pattern and space are of particular interest for me and are elements than run throughout all my work.
My artwork is predominately painting although sometimes I add sculptural elements by cutting holes in my work and creating objects out of cardboard or modelling clay which then ‘live’ inside the paintings. I also sometimes sew bits of fabric, buttons and thread onto to my work and I have an ongoing obsession with putting things on sticks and wire.


A love of learning:
  • BA (Hons) Fine Art
  • PGCE Art and Design
Inspired by children:
  • Teaching in schools and FE colleges
  • Teaching holiday workshops
A love of travel and adventure:
  • I moved from England, where I was born, to Madrid in Spain.
  • Madrid captivated me – the sun, the light, the tapas on the terraces and the buzzing street life.
  • I live in the centre of Madrid with my husband and our daughter.
  • I’m a mum, artist and book publicist.
  • The adventure continues …